Controls: W,A,S,D - movement, LMB - fire, R - reload, E - use, ESC - pause/exit.

Game in development stage. Bugs may appear. You can share your opinion here or in social networks.

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StatusIn development
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(35 total ratings)
Made withDefold
Tags2D, defold, Singleplayer, upgrades, Zombies
Average sessionA few minutes
LanguagesEnglish, Russian
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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My Hope is Still Thriving for this Game

Dont dead open inside


wish this game was still continued

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wish this game was on steam or had a way to play online, or remote play idk

or AI Companions if u dont got irl friends

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holy fucking shit why do i keep having dreams of this game

i just remembered the damn name god fucking damnit lolol

ig this game was so amazing it made me think of it time to time, love it kek, when will the full ver be out? will it be on steam? where can i get news of the game?!

Would focus on getting the shooting more responsive and fluid looking/feeling. Everything else is surprisingly good.

How do we download this baby


demo version :



ty x2

Beautifully fun game!

dear god this game is absolutely gorgeous. amazing, amazing job

This game was incredible, but when playing alone fixing the machine was potentially the most tedious thing in the world, haha


Will there be support for AZERTY's ZQSD movement?


welcome  to my channel to play indie game

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Hi, I stumbled again on this game after some times, I wanted to ask if you did program the 2.5D engine or if it's included in the Defold package. I love this type of camera / depth effects and I would like to learn if possible.

Many compliments again!

I am speechless. I love the look and action feels solid.  I can't think how you pulled off that amazing faux 3D look and draw ordering management. Really makes me more pumped while learning Defold.

если толкаться в забор боком, клавишами A- D - то можно пройти на сквозь! RUSSIAN

Wow i love the art and the 3D effect of this game!

And plus I was amazed to see you used the steamwreck font for your game, since i'm making a game with that font too!

I love the pixel art in this game. Solid action. Well done. I just wish the upgrades were not quite as expensive. Or maybe add a few more cheaper upgrades.


I dont know if its because I was playing on the browser version but when u move around inputs getting stuck and I ended up shooting all the time or keep walking even tho I dont give any inputs. Other than that the game is amazing I really liked it. I dont have any bad critics I can see the hard work you have put into the game, well done. May I ask which engine are u using? And please publish the game on steam when its done, I would definitely buy it.

Thank you for your feedback and words of support! We are really appreciate it.

This is known issue with input in web version. We are waiting for fix in Defold engine that we use. And yes, we are goind to release on Steam first. After that we will go on mobile. Free web version is just for promotional needs and quick testing.